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Kelly Clarkson should win every music award

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First pics of Kelly’s baby bump.

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Music videos + colors I

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Music videos + colors II

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I’m chuckling but at the same time these are so adorable

Oh my god my heart. This is kelly in 5 years. But with another baby on da way


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Kelly has been nominated in 6 World Music Awards categories (2014)



• World’s Best Female Artist

• World’s Best Entertainer Of The Year

• World’s Best Live Act

• World’s Best Song (for Stronger)

• World’s Best Pop Song (for People Like Us)

Y’all can vote (click the links to vote in each category)!

World’s Best Female…

kelly doing an impression of napoleon dynamite

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if you haven’t already had the chance to watch Broke* you can watch it here


Broke* chronicles the stories of artists and executives searching for ways to thrive in the face of today’s music industry challenges. Featuring candid interviews with industry insiders and intimate profiles of some of the brightest emerging musical talent in the country, the film digs beneath the clichés and standard story lines to reveal an industry struggling to find a new identity and an artist who’s simply trying to establish one.

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